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Driver Training Services

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Fuel Saving

As oil prices are on the increase it is only inevitable that prices at the pump will go up. Our lead trainer, Mark Howard, is a registered trainer for the Energy Saving Trust so now would be a good time to complete our Eco driving course this could save you upto 15% on your current fuel costs and the added bonus is it is funded by the Goverment.


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New Training Vehicle

After extensive research we have replaced our Ford Kuga with a newer version, meet the new training vehicle. It was decided that this vehicle best suited our needs, to be utilised on all courses offered. The vehicle will be available for B+E training and we know companies prefer to use their own vehicles on corporate driver training, however if the need arises, for whatever reason, we can step in with our vehicle. This vehicle  also has all the technology built in to be used on EST work.


NDORS licences held to present NDAC and NSAC presentations along with NDAC practical training. All of which can be delivered nationally.

New Trailer

The new trailer has now been fully body wrapped


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Driver Training Services