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Government training subsidies for eco-driving training!

Administered by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), the government currently offers a subsidy for eco-driving training for fleet drivers. Accessing the subsidy is simple: just book your training with us and we take care of the rest.

We pass on this subsidy in full to our customers which means that we can offer this training at a discounted rate and we can train up to 6 drivers per day.

On average, drivers achieve a 15% improvement in their MPG on the day of their training with us, and the EST’s research has shown that the training can deliver average MPG improvements of 6.2% in the longer term. Training is offered in ICE (internal combustion engine), Hybrid and EV (electric vehicles) vehicles up to 3.5t.


Before Coaching

Fuel Price per litre (£):


Average MPG:


Current Annual Fuel Costs

Fuel Price per litre (£)


Average annual business mileage


After Coaching Savings

Total saving in first year:


*Gross saving based on 6.2% MPG improvement

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Eco Driving + Defensive Driving = Safer Driving


The eco course is designed to give drivers up to date knowledge and practical skills, this will increase fuel savings and reduce wear and tear and create a safer driving environment. Accredited by the Energy Saving Trust, this course will help your business achieve a significant return on investment. No other fuel procurement initiative has the potential to deliver this level of saving!


Reduced mechanical wear on engines, transmissions, brakes and tyres:

Eco-driving techniques not only help to reduce fuel consumption but also minimise mechanical wear on the vehicle, for example, by reducing instances of harsh acceleration and heavy braking, this will reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Fewer collisions: efficient drivers are safer drivers:

Developing observation skills and the ability to maintain a safe space around your vehicle is key to economical driving. These techniques allow for longer stopping distances and allow you to deal with situations in a controlled and progressive manner.

Driving becomes smoother, more enjoyable and less stressful:

Efficient driving techniques naturally result in larger safety margins, giving a more relaxed, less ‘reactive’ and better controlled drive.


Vehicle Types:Car, Light Commercial
Duration:Half DayFull Day
Number Of Clients:36
Training Course Price per Driver*:£25 Per Driver£25 Per Driver

* Price after EST subsidy


I’d class myself as having quite a heavy accelerator foot and yet always wonder how I can get higher mpg with my driving. I went out for an hour with Mark and learnt so much in such a short space of time. It has transformed by driving style. I am more aware of traffic conditions further ahead of me which allow me to anticipate much better, and the little tips on how to manipulate the accelerator rather than use the brakes make me feel much more in control of my car. The topping on the cake was I have immediately increased my mpg by at least 12% saving me a fortune in fuel and potential penalty points. Mark has huge experience, a great personality and puts you at ease with his calm and friendly tutoring style. I can’t recommend Mark’s Eco Driving Course enough, sign up now and you won’t be just counting the pennies you save, it’ll be the pounds.


Not only was Mark calm and patient, he was able to explain new techniques in simple easy to understand way, no technical jargon used. This made the whole experience worthwhile and I could see the fuel savings straight away.